10 Best Jobs for College Students that Pay $15 an Hour

Top 5 Editing Classes in NYC

If you like sharing your experience with your friends and family in style, then I think you will definitely find the top 5 editing classes in NYC very......(read more)

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10 Unique Classes to Take in Queens for All Ages

Knowledge is power and taking one of these 10 unique classes to take in Queens for all ages may not exactly help you pass an exam, but they will teach......(read more)
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15 Countries with the Nicest Guys in the World

All the single ladies (or guys) out there, gather round and check out these 15 countries with the nicest guys in the world! Because when we say nice,......(read more)
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7 Parent Child Cooking Classes in NYC

There are a lot of ways that a parent and child can bond and one of those ways can be cooking, which is why we gathered all these parent child cooking......(read more)

15 Best Flexible Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students in 2017

7 Unique Dance Classes for Adults in NYC

Dancing can be an extremely liberating thing to do, whether you choose to do it on your own terms in your own living room, or if you want to relax after......(read more)
9 Most Profitable Fundraisers for Individuals

8 Classes for Plant Lovers in NYC

Maybe you have a green thumb, maybe not, but checking out these 8 classes for plant lovers in NYC will help you grow your gardening skills in the concrete......(read more)
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6 Best Musical Classes for Children in NYC

The most effective way of teaching children is with an accompaniment of music which is why we give you our 6 best musical classes for children in NYC......(read more)
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6 Inexpensive Cooking Classes In and Near Queens

Learning how to cook can be, obviously, life-saving, but also help save you quite a bit of money otherwise spent on take-out and restaurants, so we wanted......(read more)
10 Uncommon Genetic Mutations in Humans

10 Uncommon Genetic Mutations in Humans

The human body is a miracle of nature, and in this article, ams-2010 brings you the list of 10 uncommon genetic mutations in humans. Genetic mutation......(read more)
Top 25 Best Soccer Countries of All Time

Top 25 Best Soccer Countries of All Time

If you enjoy soccer, then you’ll enjoy our list of the top 25 best soccer countries of all time. We know that most of you are currently sad that......(read more)
Worst States for Doctors to Practice Medicine

10 Countries Seeking American Immigrants

For all you Americans looking for an easy and fast immigration country, here’s a list of 10 countries seeking American immigrants! Being a US citizen......(read more)

16 Best Most Active Cities for Easiest Tinder Hookups

If you haven’t had any luck on Tinder so far, this list of 16 best most active cities for easiest Tinder hookups will be helpful. Have you ever been......(read more)
11 Android Phones with Largest Internal Storage in 2017

11 Android Phones with Largest Internal Storage in 2017

If you are buying a new phone, then you should take into consideration these Android phones with largest internal storage in 2017. The Android phones......(read more)
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30 Funniest Science Jokes, Puns, and Humor Quotes Ever

If science was (or is) your favorite subject in school and you love a good laugh, check out our list of 30 funniest science jokes, puns, and humor quotes......(read more)
16 Most Scenic Drives in the World

16 Most Scenic Drives in the World

You don’t have to be a true gearhead to enjoy these most scenic drives in the world; you just have like driving through some of the most beautiful scenery......(read more)
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11 Biggest Illegal International Arms Dealers of All Time

If you’re interested in illegal arms trade around the world, then our list of 11 biggest illegal international arms dealers of all time will prove......(read more)
10 Most Profitable Crimes to Commit

10 Most Profitable Crimes to Commit

Forget about that silly old saying “crime doesn’t pay” and look at the crimes that pay the most in our list of 10 most profitable crimes......(read more)

11 Best Girls’ Night Out Ideas in NYC

Sometimes we women all need a break every so often from work and family, and the best way to get this much-needed break is with some of these best girls......(read more)

10 Best Guys’ Night Out Ideas in NYC

Ladies nights out are popular, but guys need some time to spend with their “bros” too, so take a look at our list of best guys’ night......(read more)
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6 Best Vegetarian Cooking Classes in NYC

If you are thinking about going green and not just in an environmentally friendly way, but also at your dinner table, then you will love our list of the......(read more)
18 Best15 Greatest Countries in the World

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in April

April is a few months away, but this is the perfect time to take a look at the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in April.  Why is......(read more)
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10 Professions with Highest Rate of Domestic Violence

For all of you wondering in which group evidence suggests that the rates of domestic violence are most prevalent, we have prepared a list of 10 professions......(read more)
8 Easiest Gangs to Join and Get Out Of

10 Biggest Illegal Industries and Black Markets in the World

If you have ever wondered how much do some criminals earn, these are the 10 biggest illegal industries and black markets in the world. By definition,......(read more)

Human Trafficking Countries Ranking and List: Worldwide Country Statistics

Seeing how human trafficking has always been a relevant matter for discussion, we decided to provide our readers with an overview of human trafficking......(read more)
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5 Cooking Classes in New York City that Focus on Healthy Foods

If healthy eating is a top priority on your list of things to do, then stick around for a list of 5 cooking classes in New York City that focus on healthy......(read more)
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Top 25 Richest Counties in America in 2018

If you are discouraged about all your holiday spending, maybe a read through our list of top 25 richest counties in America in 2018 will inspire you.......(read more)
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8 Family Cooking Classes in NYC

Spending time with the family is vital to a happy life, so why not cook together with this list of family cooking classes in NYC? Food brings the family......(read more)
12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in March

12 Best Places to Visit in Central and South America in March

Make your travel plans with the 12 best places to visit in Central and South America in March. Experience the breathtaking views and activities to enjoy......(read more)
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11 Easiest Credit Cards to Get with Bad Credit

If you have a bad credit score, but you’re trying to get a credit card, you may be looking for the easiest guaranteed approval credit card offers......(read more)
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15 Most Expensive Cosmetics Brands In The World

Taking good care of your skin is essential if you want not only to look good, but also to stay healthy, so sometimes you have to shell out some extra......(read more)

13 Blockchain Non-Financial Use Cases and Business Opportunities

For almost a decade, blockchain has come to our attention thanks to Bitcoin, the magical cryptocurrency that is now breaking record after record, reaching......(read more)
7 Easiest States to Obtain a Used Car Dealer License

Top 11 Wealthiest Families In The World

While the majority of the world struggles from paycheck to paycheck or worse, there are people in the world who aren’t just wealthy, but they have......(read more)
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10 Countries with Worst Roads in the World

Whenever you go on a trip around the world, one thing you are concerned about if you are a driver is the state of the roads, so we wanted to find out......(read more)
15 Best Cigarettes in the World

11 Best Selling Cigarette Brands In US

The 11 best selling cigarette brands in US contribute huge revenues to the US Treasury every year in the form of tobacco taxes and legal settlements.......(read more)
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13 Acting Classes for Kids in NYC

Some kids have a flair for the dramatics, and if your child falls into that category, our list of acting classes for kids in NYC will be a good source......(read more)
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5 Best Mixology Classes in Brooklyn and Upstate NY

In order for you to become a bartender, you need to take a mixology course, and if you are looking to do one, then the 4 best mixology classes in Brooklyn......(read more)
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10 Online Casinos That Accept Bitcoins

Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. Money of the future. There are several definitions that can be used to describe this virtual money. If you are a gambler, then......(read more)
17 Countries With Universal Health Care in 2017

6 Best Healthcare Jobs for Felons and People with Misdemeanors

If what you need is a list of felony friendly medical careers, you’ve come to the right place because here are 6 best healthcare jobs for felons......(read more)
Quick and Easy Team Building Activities For The Workplace

18 Company Team Building Activities: Indoor and Event Ideas

Today, we present you with 18 company team building activities: indoor and event ideas. Pick one or a few and help your employees create a productive......(read more)
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10 Largest HVAC Companies in the USA

These 10 largest HVAC companies in the USA on our list are hot when it comes to keeping individuals and commercial spaces cool and ventilated. In this......(read more)
17 American Pop Culture Debate Topics for Today

17 American Pop Culture Debate Topics for Today

You’ll find out what whole America has been raging about in 2017 when you read about 17 American pop culture debate topics for today! By definition......(read more)

15 Best Cigarettes in the World

If you’re a smoker with a taste for fine cigarettes, here are 15 best cigarettes in the world! You’ve finally come to a place which isn’......(read more)
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6 Best Mixology Classes in New Jersey

If you want to learn how to make top-notch mixed drinks, you can enroll in the best mixology classes in New Jersey, where you can find some of the best......(read more)
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11 Foods that Lower Cholesterol Fast

If you want to live healthy, you need to eat healthy, which is why you should take a look at our list of 11 foods that lower cholesterol fast. Technology......(read more)
15 Best Flexible Highest Paying Part Time Jobs for College Students in 2017

15 Classes in NYC That Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

There are a lot of people practicing and making a healthy lifestyle look easy, but then it is a struggle to keep up with it, so if you want to do it and......(read more)
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6 Father Son Martial Arts Classes in and Around NYC

Finding a unique way to bond with your child can be hard, but we hope we can help with our list of 6 father son martial arts classes in and around NYC......(read more)
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5 Best Italian Language Classes in NYC

New York City is the one place in the whole America that is home to the largest population of Italian Americans, so we wanted to make sure you could connect......(read more)

5 Best French Language Classes in NYC

Learning how to speak French has become an increasingly important aspect of everyday life as more and more people around the world speak it, either as......(read more)

5 Best Spanish Language Classes in NYC

The world is far larger and greater than we can perhaps comprehend, so it’s best to know a thing or two about other languages than the one we speak......(read more)

10 Classes to Learn a New Language in NYC

Speaking more than one language can prove to be particularly useful, not only when traveling, but also when applying for jobs, so we wanted to take a......(read more)